Food on Everest Base Camp Trek

On the trek about $25 a day is enough for 3 good meals, about $8 per meal. Food in the Tea houses were good and not too expensive considering how cheap accommodation is and that the porters and yaks have to carry all the food up the mountain. We stayed clear from meat not really trusting the quality of meat up here and it gets very expensive higher up. I treated myself to a Yak steak one night, it was terrible. The table below show the prices of some popular dishes at teahouses at different elevations, you can see as you go up the mountain prices go up.

Breakfast we often ate omelettes (2 eggs) and toast and tea with milk, I enjoyed the Masala tea. I am a big caffeine junkie, but only had one or two good coffees, for very expensive, on the trek. Want to drink good espresso while hiking to Everest Base Camp? I carry my Aeropress on most hikes, light, easy and great coffee!

We also had porridge or pancakes, price was sort of in the same range as toast and eggs.

Some common Breakfast options trekking to Everest Base Camp: Tibetan bread (bit more filling and oily than chapatti), Chapatti, Toast with jam or honey, French toast, Pancakes, Porridge with milk, Boiled or fried egg

We did not always eat lunch, some days only having a cup of tea and a Snicker on the way. The portions are usually fairly big, so if we bought lunch we usually just shared a meal; some good light lunches were momo’s, a sandwich or bread and soup.

At dinner time we were usually starving after a long day of walking so I ordered for volume and taste! We often ordered spaghetti with cheese and tomato, not bad and the portions were big. Dahl is also a good option, the porters live on the stuff, at most places it is ‘bottomless’, when your plate gets empty they will refill your dahl, rice and potatoes, if they don’t offer just ask!

Food available on most tea house menus; Thukpa (noodle soup), Momos (dumplings), Sherpa stew, a variety of Soups, Macaroni, Spaghetti, Potato, Pizza, Sandwiches, Yak steak, Rice with curry, Burger with chips, Spring Rolls.

For snacks we ate mostly snicker bars, there was cake and pastries available at some of the tea houses, not too get scurvy we bought a couple of apples on the way.

EBC Trek Interesting Dishes

You have a pretty wide selection of food on the tea house menus, here are some items you may not be familiar with.

Sherpa Stew (Syakpa) – a traditional Sherpa food, this broth (soup/stew) is made from handmade noodles, meat from sheep or yak, potato, radishes, carrot, spinach, onions and other spices.

Tibetan Bread – Flatbread, fried in oil, tasty, filling, sometimes very oily.

Momos – dumplings, go for vegetable or cheese and potato, ask for chilly sauce if there is none, the green sauce is quite good!

Springrolls- not the tiny guys you get in Vietnam, a big deep fried pie, I had similar empanadas. Sometimes the filling is awesome, sometimes strange, we eaven had spaghetti in springrolls!

Mars Roll – You have to try this one! A Mars Bar wrapped in dough and deep fried, so a Springroll with a Mars Bar inside, also available as Snicker Rolls.

Pizza – flat bread with tomato sauce and yak cheese, not too bad. I even had one with a crispy base! Go vegetarian, very suspicious fermented cold meat being passed on as salami….

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