Garden city:

With sky land Tourisms, take an untroubled Al Ain tour that is sometimes label as the Garden City. This city is almost about 120 kilometers far from Dubai, Al Ain tour is important and marvelous in so many ways because if its green land, well organized system and well planned roads and streets.

Al ain city, the combination of modern and pre modern buildings:

Al ain city is the most organized city. It is famous just because of its fertility and proper rules and regulations system. They have a strict rule that, the heights of building will not exceeded above 7 floors.It is the largest city in UAE, fourth largest in the world, and second largest city in Abu Dhabi.

Shaikha salamah:

The largest mosque of the city is very important in Al ain tour is very important to visit that is Shaikha salamah. In this mosque you can spend some great and amazing time. One mosque is under construction whose name is Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan mosque which is supposed to be world’s largest mosque.

You can prefer Al ain tour because it is unique and amusement type place with full of peace and calm in it.

Jebal hafeet mountain visit:

Your Al Ain tour includes a visit to such unbelievable attraction of city as Jebel Hafeet – the city’s tallest mountain shows tremendous views of the city. Al ain tour is incomplete visiting this beautiful place that is full of beauty and nature. You can visit this mountain in night as well, it has an iconic view in night as well, it has mountain-cutter roads, narrow and beautiful view you can enjoy during your ride.

Camel market, a traditional market:

Another well-known and famous place to visit in Al ain tour is Camel Market – an original scrambling Emirati market where you can have a brief look on different types of camels. Camel is basically an Arabic animal and means a lot for them, and their culture values them too, so they have a priority to camels in every step of theur lives

It’s time to discover old history of city:

Discover more of the classical and former Emirati past and the region’s cultural exposure in Al ain tour as you walk through the interesting and enchanting portraits at the oldest Al Ain National Museum and the Archeological Park which is enchanting placed at a Bronze Age site.

Enjoy the heart stopping view from top of Jebal hafeet:

That’s not all, you can add one more thing un your Al ain tour, you can look forward to a refreshing and charming experience with a stop at the natural beautiful view of spring weather spring seen at the base of Jebel Hafeet Mountain. The Al ain tour also includes visit at so many historical places

The Al ain tour package offered by sky land tourism has the whole city visit including so many wonderful places such as, Al ain museum, Al ain national heritage, Al ain fort, Al jhalil castle, visit to archeological park, Jebel Hafeet mountain visit, Hot water spring view, Al ain zoo, Al ain mall, Mouthwatering lunch and much more.

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