Canyoning Dalat Companies

Canyoning Dalat Companies

Dalat is known as the paradise of resort leading Vietnam tours. Not only that, this place also brings exciting adventures, Dalat canyoning is the attraction that hardly anyone can resist. To support visitors easily in scheduling this game, there are many companies. The following article will address those organizations.

What do you know about Dalat Canyoning tours?

Canyoning dalat is an activity where you have to overcome your own feelings by working in conjunction with specialized international instructors and equipment. Canyoning – drifting water in rough terrain and you need to walk, swim, climb, jump and slide in streams, rapids.

You will have to use special skills but be assured, our professionally trained guides will teach you how to use safety equipment, wire rope techniques, the waterfall … and how you overcome yourself when confronted with the challenge.ding on water level and your nerve.

The finale is the ‘washing machine’, a blind abseil into a narrow slot, dropping you into a pummelling fall. Once you are in there only one way out. Dropping the last few meters, you are pushed for a which-way-is-up rinse before being spat out into the pool below.

A Crazy Canyoning Adventure in Dalat, Vietnam

Dalat Adventure Tours Company

One-day trip, south of Da Lat, where you will navigate your way through a canyon and learn how to use the ropes. During this unique journey of unforgettable experiences, you will be accompanied by Canyoning professionals and expert guides.

8:30 am: pick up at your hotel, and then drive for 25 minutes to Datanla waterfall.

Enjoy the first dry abseil with the rappel of 18 high meters.

Do the water abseil with the rappel of 17 high meters, and then do the zip line across the falls down to the river (Tyrolean Traverse).

Free swimming at the waterfall.

Join water sliding down the waterfall.

Get the real canyoning with the 20 high meters waterfall.

Enjoy 7 high meters jump into the water.

Do the last and most difficult waterfall abseiling (13 high meters) is affectionately known as The Washing Machine.

Picnic lunch (bread, chess, fruits, vegetables, jam, water, etc…)

About 40 minutes of trekking uphill to the van, back to your hotel.

End the trip around 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm.

Price: $72 / person

Canyoning with Da Lat Adventure Tours

Discovery Dalat travel company

On the Prenn Pass section, after the trail is where you focus on the trip. You will practice some basic movements and skills on how to use equipment such as strings, belts, hooks before you go. Once completed, you will pass the first challenge at a 15-meter high cliff. Next you will enjoy the natural water slide on the rock along the waterfall. Continue the adventure! You will conquer the waterfall above 25 meters high, take the line between the waterfall – a feeling of amazement before throwing yourself down a large lake below. Height of 5 meters and 10 meters.


A higher level trip will continue with newer discoveries. After the jumps with a height of 5 & 10 meters. You will be served an outdoor picnic lunch just before the natural swimming pool.

  • 08h30: HDV picks you up at the hotel
  • 08h45: Move to the gathering place. Coaches will guide visitors on basic climbing equipment such as helmets, seat belts, common rope types, carabiner hook equipment and the specific use of each.
  • 09:30: Challenge 1: climb the rope to the first dry cliff 18 m high.
  • 10:30: Challenge 2: climb the rope to the second dry cliff 15 m high.
  • 11:30: Challenge 3: slip waterfall 3m long
  • 12:30: Have a picnic lunch
  • 13:30: Challenge 4: Cross the waterfall with a height of 25 m.
  • 14:30: Challenge 5: jump freely at a height of 12 m.
  • 15:30: Trekking to the finish line.
  • 16:00: End of the program.

Price: VND 1,250,000 / person.

Datanla Waterfall Canyoneering – Discovery Dalat travel company

There are many choices for travelers. Each company or service has its own interesting schedule. Wish visitors have moments of experience dalat canyoning happy and safe.

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