White water rafting – conquering the waterfall, conquering yourself

White water rafting – conquering the waterfall, conquering yourself

White water rafting Dalat is one of the exciting adventure games in Dalat. This is called a challenge, because to overcome it must go through many different emotions, requires great effort and effort. In addition, it is challenging because after the end of the journey it will give visitors the feeling of happiness that cannot be expressed in words.

White water rafting with many difficulties

This game is not for people with heart disease. Boat trip for those who love adventure travel, experience themselves and conquer nature. If you belong to someone who likes to explore peaceful land or beautiful places, Dalat has many destinations for you. It is the Valley of Love, Da Lat Station, Lam Vien Square, Tuyen Lam Lake, the flower field … If you want to travel in a risky way, boat trip is a “subject” for you.

Whitewater Rafting – The Best Adventure Must Do in DaLat

Dalat white water rafting is a game that requires a high team spirit, so it’s great if you travel with a group of friends. But if going alone is also fine, you can find yourself new friends after the end of this game. Accordingly each team consists of 2 – 6 people will sit on a steamboat, hold oars, cross the rapids and go between wild nature.

This game requires great courage in players. Because watching the waterfall has scared many people, not to mention that the person himself has crossed the waterfall, and the white foam. The constant flow of water, the river was rocky, the boat was like that as if nothing could stop it. Human power in that situation is not equal to the power of flowing water. Sitting on a boat that I could not control myself, the boat kept drifting indefinitely and hurriedly, as if I were drifting to a distant place with no stops.

The team white water rafting

It is normal to flip a boat and perhaps everyone will happen at least once. Boat capsized, how many people are brave enough to continue their journey?

Conquer the waterfall to win yourself?

Those who give up will not be able to understand the feeling of happiness at the end of the boat trip. It is the feeling of victory, the feeling that I have just conquered nature, is the feeling that all difficulties in this world will pass if I persevere and try. Victory – that’s a great feeling, but the best is the journey to victory.

The joy winning of players

On the road to victory, there are many difficulties, both physical and mental. But in parallel with these are interesting and wonderful things that cannot be found in peaceful tourist places. It was a loud scream when the boat was about to hit the rock rapids. It’s when the whole team helps a struggling member. It is the feeling of traveling on the river without finding a stop.

This life has many difficulties and challenges like Dalat white water rafting. Do we ourselves have enough strength to overcome it? Try playing this game to give an answer.

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